Fremont Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
2/1/2019   Stoneridge Street Eats
4/27/2019   NPU Seminars & Workshops
5/21/2019   Leadership Fremont Graduation
5/22/2019   Mixer - Embtel Solutions
5/23/2019   Niles Canyon Railway Field Trip Train
5/23/2019   Niles Canyon Railway School & Summer Train
5/25/2019   Fremont Burger & Brew Fest
5/25/2019   Sweet Saltines at Ardenwood Historic Farm
5/25/2019   Wax: It's The Bee's Knees! at Ardenwood Historic Farm
5/26/2019   Ohlone Village Site Tour at Coyote Hills
5/26/2019   Ohlone Village Site Tour at Coyote Hills
5/27/2019   Fremont Chamber is closed for Memorial Day
5/27/2019   Memorial Day Free Day at Ardenwood Historic Farm
5/27/2019   Memorial Day Open House at Coyote Hills
5/28/2019   Lam Research Foundation Science at the Library: Creatures of the Oceans
6/1/2019   Bird Walk at Coyote Hills
6/1/2019   Native Knowledge Nature Walk at Coyote Hills
6/2/2019   Learn The Ropes at Ardenwood Historic Farm
6/2/2019   20th Butterfly & Bird Festival at Coyote Hills
6/6/2019   Business Building Seminar- GRM Documents
6/6/2019   Business Building Seminar- Premier Financial
6/7/2019   Warm Springs Center Groundbreaking
6/7/2019   Fremont Street Eats
6/8/2019   Phlower Photography at Coyote Hills
6/8/2019   Fremont Earthquake Exhibit at Central Park
6/8/2019   6th Annual Ohana Health Fair
6/8/2019   Ohlone Village Site Tour at Coyote Hills
6/9/2019   Stories of the Past: Archaeology at Coyote Hills
6/9/2019   Old Fashioned Butter Makin' at Ardenwood Historic Farm
6/14/2019   Music at the Mission presents Visiones de Espana
6/15/2019   Railroad Adventure Day At Ardenwood at Ardenwood Historic Farm
6/15/2019   Archeology Adventures at Coyote Hills
6/19/2019   Membership Bootcamp
6/22/2019   Wonders of Wetlands at Coyote Hills
6/22/2019   Cart of Curiosities at Coyote Hills
6/23/2019   Skills of the Past: Knotless Netted Bag at Coyote Hills
6/29/2019   Animal Tracking at Coyote Hills
6/29/2019   Nectar Garden Fun Day at Coyote Hills
6/30/2019   Plein Air Paint Out at Coyote Hills
6/30/2019   Art in the Park at Coyote Hills
7/4/2019   Fremont Chamber is closed for the 4th of July Holiday


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