Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies, Inc.

Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies, Inc.

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Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies, Inc.

628 Crescent Terrace
Fremont, CA 94536 | View on Google Maps
Chandrasekar Vuppalapati Chandrasekar Vuppalapati
5107546269 | 510-754-6269

We established in 2010 as a U.S. based corporation with industry leading products in Agriculture Analytics, Dairy Analytics, Specialty Crops Sensors and Analytics, Wearable Veterinary Sensor (CLASS 10) for Animal Husbandry, and Data Analytics (DnA) platform exclusively built for Farmers across the World. Our Analytics platform and Sensors are designed to serve farmers across the planet with actionable recommendations on Yield Analytics, Sustainability, Extreme Weather, and Food Security. We have USPTO patent pending products in Agriculture Analytics, Dairy Analytics and Diagnostic Sensors. We love our farmers and in the business of delivering high technological, innovative products that serve our farmers and the world at large.

Our Data Science and Analytics platform deliver actionable insights related to Crop Yield, Profit maximization, and exclusive recommendations for small farmers. Food Security is the central to the platform and integrates economic linkage models using Crops, Macroeconomics, supply chain, and pricing. Heuristics at the farm level and small farm manufacturer level that our platform integrate to deliver linear heuristics to optimize the maximum yield at farm level.

We have developed Heuristics by working with farm manufacturers, seed supply chain distributors, research firms, farming cooperatives, transportation companies, and end consumer retailers. We have integrated modules for farm equipment manufacturing heuristics, transportation of agricultural commodities optimization, and food and nutrition diet for enhanced food security. Our heuristics are applied in many agriculture-tech use cases, and they are, in most cases, an adjunct of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Our platform consists of a Heuristics database that was developed by working with customers worldwide and codified optimizations in geographical areas including Asia, Australia, North America, and many other countries. Our Database consists of mathematical formulations of heuristics that could be applied immediately for agriculture industries effectively and immediately. We have delivered optimizations in the areas of just in time delivery of agricultural perishable commodities, manufacturing agriculture equipment floor space optimization, optimization of number of manufacturing agents per workspace, lower cost of agricultural equipment, less utilization of pesticides to improve performance of a crop, or optimized routing of commodity delivery from farm-fork, of course through retail value chain.

We are the manufacturer of advanced climate smart sensor with the sensor algorithms that are built using CMIP6 SSP climate change scenarios. Simply put, our sensors are designed to sustain weather and environmental pressures – we’re future ready company with vison 2100.

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