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Boomerang Healthcare

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Boomerang Healthcare

38069 Martha Ave Ste. 300
Fremont, CA 94536 | View on Google Maps
Dr.  Sabrina Oukil Dr. Sabrina Oukil
(510) 744-9153 | fax: (510) 744-9399
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Boomerang Healthcare is a leader in cutting-edge pain management techniques and rehabilitation programs that set the standard in holistic approaches for managing chronic pain. Our doctors are nationally known experts in the field and are deeply involved in clinical research focused on developing the treatment solutions of tomorrow.

At Boomerang Healthcare, we know there can be many factors that contribute to your pain. Sleep, exercise, diet, and mood all play their part. Addressing each of these factors is part of treating your whole person, not just the direct symptoms of your pain. It is called the biopsychosocial approach, and it is the most advanced standard of care for pain. We don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to identifying what may be leading to your pain. And most importantly, we’re here to support you in your recovery!

Our team of expert physicians are industry leaders and world-wide educators in the diagnosis, management and treatment of chronic pain and work-related injuries. Our team of doctors approaches each patient with one goal in mind: to help patients return to normal daily activities. Our multidisciplinary group of physicians and providers offer treatment options personalized for each patient recognizing that no two patients are alike, and neither is their pain.  Services range from advanced interventional pain management procedures and psychological support to functional restoration – a rehabilitation program for chronic pain sufferers. 

Boomerang Healthcare is dedicated to fully educating patients about various options for pain management.  We want to partner with you on your diagnosis and treatment and encourage you to learn more about the various sources of pain, conditions we treat, services we provide and procedure options.

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