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Melodia Hospice Inc

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Melodia Hospice Inc

42840 Christy Street, Suite 102
Fremont, CA 94538 | View on Google Maps
Naweed Muhammad Naweed Muhammad
(888) 635-6347 | fax: (510) 417-4080
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Melodia Hospice was established in 2020 to affirm the concept of palliative care as an intensive program that can improve the comfort and quality of life of individuals and their families. Melodia Care Hospice treats each patient as a valuable family member, provides care that can provide quality of life for more than a few days, and supports caregivers as their heart recovers.

The Melodia care team focuses on the needs of patients in their homes, loved ones’ homes, long-term care, or assisted living facilities. Melodia provides hospice care services for patients and families with limited lives. Our hospice care company focuses on quality of life so that patients can spend meaningful time with their loved ones and spend every day with dignity.

Melodia Hospice Care is a hospice accredited by the Joint Commission; The Joint committee certification provides leaders such as Melodia Care with a trusted roadmap to achieve consistent operations and high performance. The joint committee certification standards focus on critical areas, safety, and residents’ experience, including environment, staffing, emergency management, dementia care, drug management, care and service provision, process improvement, etc.; Melodia Care Hospice fully meets all these standards!

Our Mission

At Melodia Hospice, our mission is simple – Reflecting the best in humanity in hospice care. We offer the best Hospice and Palliative care in the industry. Melodia Hospice Provides care focused around compassion towards management of symptoms (such as pain and anxiety) and an improved quality of life among patients living through serious, intricate and lasting illnesses.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as more than just another hospice agency. In our minds, we’re bringing a new form of hospice care to the table for caregivers, guardians, and patients.

Our Values

When it comes to healthcare, caring for the terminally ill, or helping to ensure that geriatric patients maintain their independence and quality of life, we’ve adopted a strong set of values that allows us to deliver unrivaled service and support all throughout our innovative and conventional care models. We in our work value compassion care and as well as integrity, rules of conduct.

Dependability is one of core values and our care providers can be counted on to be there for your loved ones. The values we live by and perform by are destined for us to prove that we are a world class organization and to make a difference in lives of our patients and their caregivers.

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