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We provide a smarter way for your loved ones to age in place.

Omatochi helps advanced-age adults make a smooth transition to a serene stage of senior living. Our exceptional in-home care combined with the right technologies in a family-focused approach yields family involvement and provides peace of mind.

Families today are spread out more than ever. This only adds to the pressure to provide seniors care while keeping family members informed and connected. You have choices to make and many moving parts to deal with.

Assisted living is an option, but that can break the bank. In-home care offers no shortage of choices. Our holistic approach encompasses your senior’s physical, mental and social needs, while keeping you informed via our proprietary family app. Omatochi provides holistic, family-focused in-home care enhanced by our 24/7 Family App, so that you always have peace of mind. 

We match each senior with an In-Home Health Aide based on their interests and lifestyle needs with a customized social activities calendar to revitalize their social life.

Your loved one is at the center of everything we do. We help seniors live their best lives with our high-tech and soft-touch care and keep you informed along the way. We provide the best of both worlds: quality, proven care together with leading-edge technology that lets family members access key health data, schedules, and more with just a touch of a screen. It is this soft-touch and high-tech combination that makes Omatochi a stand-alone choice.

After all, our goal is not to disrupt a senior’s life, but rather, to enhance it through customized and engaging in-home care focused on well-being, mental and physical health supported by innovative senior care technologies.

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