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The Aura Stream LLC

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We are a collective connecting all to a STREAM of enlightenment and higher vibrations. Through our products and services, our mission is to heal spiritually, mentally, and physically; with clarity, peace, and love for ourselves and others. Our purpose is to connect with others that are on their spiritual journey, and to help align them with their highest good through the use of crystals and other healing divination tools. The Aura Stream sells ethically sourced healing crystals and minerals, custom bracelets and rosaries, hand crafted body care, and accessories. Everything is created in-house with love and healing energy and intentions, and to help align and connect you with the highest good. 

I’m Angela, the owner and founder of The Aura Stream LLC.  I am an accredited meditation practitioner and crystal healing therapist under the Complementary Therapist Accredited Association (CTAA). This is a multi-dimensional collective of all things metaphysical and spiritual healing with the use of various tools such as crystals and herbs. I also lead tarot and sound bath healing sessions, either online or in-person. The purpose of The Aura Stream LLC., is to elevate the state of ourselves to the higher consciousness. I connect with the spirit guides of my Filipino and Latin ancestors to bring healing energy to my products and the people I meet.

In itself, AURA = your energy; and STREAM = the journey you are on.

As a healer, I loved being healed. Helping those who are currently on their spiritual journey, those who are “stuck,” those who are not sure where to start; I can help, because I can feel. I’ve been there at the many stages you are going through, and I still continue to heal through helping healing others. I hope you enjoy the ethically sourced and hand picked items and that they bring light and understanding to your lives.

We are constantly on a STREAM of healing, so thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.

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